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Everything is bigger in Texas (or so they say!). At Bootsma, we make our Texas Donuts bigger and better. Texas Donuts are yeast based donuts, deep fried and glazed.

Texas Donut flavors include:

Glazed - hand glazed to perfection.

Maple Chocolate - are hand dipped in silky chocolate and drizzled with rich, maple icing.

Maple Dip - are hand dipped into maple goodness. A real Canadian maple taste!

Chocolate Maple - are hand dipped in rich chocolate glaze and drizzled with delightful maple, to give a chocolatey taste with a touch of maple in every bite.

Chocolate Dip - are hand dipped in a deep, rich chocolate for our chocolate lover's delight.

Homer - this donut is an inspired classic! They are hand dipped in a bright pink icing and colorful sprinkles.

Texas Donut

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